Rafe Champion grew up on a dairy farm near Irishtown in the far north west of Tasmania . He has been living in exile from his native land in Sydney since 1969. He has a degree in Agricultural Science,

Studied philosophy and political economy as an independent scholar.

My publications include reports, papers, reviews, books and newsletters in a great variety of subjects, from root hairs to the history of cricket and boxing.

In addition to my studies, most of my work has involved writing in some form. The result is a growing pile of yellowing manuscripts, many of little interest to anyone, even to me. Some of those concerned with the thoughts of Popper, Hayek and Bartley or closely related matters can be found on this site.

Another branch of writing has been a great satisfaction. This has been my involvement in Home Before Dark, with the leading writer Ruth Park and also, more recently, Ruth Park's Sydney. 

I'm keen for all kinds of discussion, philosophical and otherwise. Please feel free to send me an email, and I'll get back to you.