March 2022

Most people in the general public are not obsessed with net zero at all costs. That is clear from a poll conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs.

Activists and media pundits who loudly and visibly demand for more action are out of step.

61% of Australians agree the federal government should be more focused on defending Australia’s security than pursuing a net zero emissions target

72% of Australians want affordable energy bills and reliability to be at the core of Australia’s energy policy – not net zero

92% of Australians are unwilling to pay above $100 per year for net zero policies 

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The same applies to blaming the recent floods on climate change.

The public favours practical measures over magical thinking on climate. According to an editorial in The Australian 22/3/22:

A survey of flood-hit residents by insurers found that only 11% of residents in Brisbane, northern NSW and western Sydney blamed climate change for soaring home insurance costs.

94% said there should be better controls on where homes are built.

The Bureau of Meteorology is under attack again for misleading reporting. Recent falls at Lismore airport were claimed as a record but the site has only been used since 2003. The full record kept at Lismore central shows that the wettest year on record was 1893.

The public are entitled to more professional service from the Bureau of Meteorology and they are also entitled to have their views taken seriously by politicians ahead of radical climate alarmists.


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